FMP development

Heres some more development and some bits of print and embroidery from my FMP. Let me know what you think!








This pink piece, ‘Swurly Wurly’ as i have called it, has taken sooooo long to finish and im still not done, so that’s….nearly 4 weeks ive been working on it (along with other things) each ‘swurl’ is embroidered seperately, by hand and there is no machine embroidery because im not a fan. At the moment there is 23 swurls and 14 different embroidery techniques…has taken alot of research i tell thee!! Its one of my favourive lengths though so Im happy!



My Circuit board length is finished, yay! It is digitally printed in the background and the sequined squares are individually hand embroidered with a different colour thread for each square…Its my mums favourite.


Im not quite sure what im doing on this length just yet, more development is needed, yes i know ive started it and should technically know exactly what im doing already, but i have this habit of making things up as i go along…and thats what works best for me so :-P. It is hand painted with illuminated discharge so far…



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