Cut out scribbles…

Hey, Ive done so many bits and bobs today i dont really know where to start!!!

This is a paper design as i have now desided to do a few paper fashion lengths! Its a scribbly drawing on the bottom with a cut out scribble on top!! I love the colours on this one and I think it might turn out to be a favourite!!

I am planning on digitally printing it on wallpaper and then doing some more cutwork and collage..Im actually really inspired to do this piece…about time!




2 thoughts on “Cut out scribbles…

  1. this piece is stunning! if you dont mind can i ask you how it was created? im a BA surface design student and want to put you into my market research as inspirational ideas.
    also do you have a fbk group?
    would love to hear from you

    • scribbles ontop of scribbles. 2 pages. the front page has the scribbles cut out and some left hanging, and the back page is what you see through. hope this helps. Message me for anything else.

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