Long time, no post!…

Hey world.

Rite, I started my new job as a Food, Textiles and Art technician last week so this has been my first full week! Im so lucky to have got the job and i love it! especially how things are with the whole credit crunch and whatnot. 

I also started slimming world last month and omg, Ive lost almost a stone in a month, im so happy and i love it, its well easy and i can eat chips, whooop! If anyones a bit fed up of crappy diets and not feeling how you want to feel u gotta try it, it really is so simple…oh no i sound like an advert, criiinnnge.

Ive decided Im the biggest lightweight in the world and i cant handle my alcohol so im just not gonna drink!! I hope my personalitys as good sober as it is drunk..if not a bit better, haha. So ive gone about 3 weeks without alcohol and it isnt actually that bad..i can stay out longer too, hehe!!!

A big shopping spree and a fit guy and this will be a very good couple of months for me!! haha, not putting any hopes up on the fit guy though there seems to be a shortage on them at the moment (the kind im looking for anyway, shock!)

Ive started playing my acoustic a bit more recently and im looking for some good things to learn, im loving Newton Faulkner  ( ❤ ) but im not that good just yet, haha. So if anyone knows of anything thats that kind of sound but a bit easier for a guitarist that makes it up as i go along please let me know!! Ive been serching www.ultimate-guitar.com which is pretty good but you kind of need to know what your looking for and as most things, i havent got a clue!!

Rite I think thats all i have to say for now, laterz world, xx


Photo of the weekme and my sis before a night out dressed as clowns..i know i look a bit rubbish and i wasn’t being vain… facepaint makes my face itch.lol


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