stuck on my next step

Hello, well, I was supposed to be making some nice handmade christmas cards but its getting very close and i haven’t even started! Routing through all mu uni stuff to find what i need is not looking like much fun at the moment, especially when it is all in the shed at the end of the garden…and its cold. I’ll get round to doing it eventually and hopefully I’ll do the lot while im at it.

Im thinking of re-using as much old work as possible, i have so many lengths of work that cost me a fortune to make and are just sitting there not doing anything.


This is, and always will be my fave piece of work ever. Its just so big! One day it will come to good use!


Im quite stuck at the moment, I have a great job, but no enough hours and no money! And I would love to do some proper sophie style designing but dont have the time or the money to start a project that might not get anywhere. What to do, what to do…


If anyone has any tips for my predicament or words of encourangement now would be the time 😀 thanks, x



3 thoughts on “stuck on my next step

  1. Dear,
    been lookin’at your work, I think you could sell artworks easily…Be interesting for me as well to have some yours to sell to my customers.
    Keep in touch!!!!!1
    Como Italy

  2. Sophie, its hard but don’t get disheartened, its early days yet. Its been 2 years since I left CCAD and my direction has changed quite a lot from what I started out doing. Still got a part time job which is the only way to keep going day to day! Anyway, good luck!!!xxxx

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