Rugs, excitement and Snow!

Hello world, so, i watched the one and only episode ive ever seen of ‘Kirstys Home Made Home’ and decided to have a go at rug making! I bought a metre of hessian from good old ebay but didnt manage to win a nice cheap tool thingy so decided to use a pair of tweezers instead. Im not doing too bad but it takes soooooooooo long and i dont have the best patience hehe. Hopefully If this one goes well (and ever gets finished) Ill have a go at some funky patters as I stuck to striped on my first shot!

The beginnings of my first ever rug!

Im very excited to be gettin Photoshop for my new laptop for Christmas. although It seems it takes santas elves a bit longer to make software so I wont be getting it till January, hehe, never mind Im so excited!

Cant wait for summer!!! And Im a winter fan!!! This cold is just getting silly, so glad my little micra ‘Roy’ is so good in the snow, who , needs a flashy sports car! I feel so sorry for so many people when its like this, Having to travel around and sleep in airports and railways must be a nightmare. Get them bloomin’ heated runways sorted, very surprised that Heathrow doesnt have a better plan!

Right time for C.S.I and some more Rug making!!!


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