About me…

I studied Textiles and Surface Design at Cleveland College of Art and Design. Since then i have worked in a school, a cafe, a pre school and at a play centre. So much to do and still dont know what I want to do when i grow up…..

This blog is just for bits and bobs I pick up on the way, a good book, a yummy recipe or something I wasnt expecting!

I dont expect anyone to follow it, its more of a diary than anything else, but if anyone finds anything interesting or has anything to add, please comment or get in touch!




6 thoughts on “About me…

  1. I can spot your work a mile off which is what it is all about!! Well dont Soph good work, keep it up. Im proud of you!! xx

  2. Hi Soph, I love your Blog its so unique and its sooo you its great and lovely and coloufull, cheak out mine its not that good but im getting there slowley Lx

  3. hey sophie very nice web site, can see u have a passion aswell, very nice web site, thanx for the very nice comentary on my web, and hope u back soon to benidorm and see our show one more time, all the best gracias xxxx
    ps very nice films u pick to share

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