Hello world

I have been so busy moving out and with the degree show i havent managed to put a post out recently


The degree show went well!! no major disasters happened apart from me ripping 3 pairs of tights within an hour (Im not used to wearing dresses and refused to go with bare, lilly white legs)



After this last rip i gave up and just drank more wine…after a while you could even see the huge ladder going down my leg…..I ended up in jeans by the time the show had finished and the pub started!!!hehe


I have just picked up ‘My sisters Keeper’ by Jodi Picoult from Pocklington market. I havent decided if reading it will make me angry when the film comes out or if, this time, i can deal with it!!! we will soon see!!!





Almost finished!!! As much as i do like the place Im looking forward to getting out of education and into the big wide world…and ive decided I want to be like Allison off Yes man!!!! (great film)

 Im not usually much of a Jim carrey fan but i LOVE this film. I could literally watch it every day!!!!yes_man    

I also Love Eternal sunshine of the Spotless mind, would never have believed Jim Carrey could or would want to play a character like Joel but he was great and this film was when my perceptions of the guy totally changed!


This week…

I cant believe there’s only a week and a bit left of this project, then thats it…forever!!! Its crazy! Ive got so much to do I really dont know where to start!!



I love this design! the main image is from a drawing sheet then i Photoshoped it….I love CAD!!!untitled-2


What else has happened this week…not much actually! Im looking forward to my little sister coming home from her travels, Im so proud and I want to go next time!



Oh and one last thing… Im reading a book by Jodi Picoult called ‘Change of Heart’ and as Im reading im finding that the story had massive similarities to ‘Green mile’ by Stephen King. I havent finished it yet but ive been disspointed because I can guess whats gonna happen! Not impressed!


Cut out scribbles…

Hey, Ive done so many bits and bobs today i dont really know where to start!!!

This is a paper design as i have now desided to do a few paper fashion lengths! Its a scribbly drawing on the bottom with a cut out scribble on top!! I love the colours on this one and I think it might turn out to be a favourite!!

I am planning on digitally printing it on wallpaper and then doing some more cutwork and collage..Im actually really inspired to do this piece…about time!



Favourite Things

This was technically supposed to be on a new page…but i dont think i can do that so its now a blog post instead!!!

I love my favourite things and i dont know what i would do without them…I’m sure you all have your own..but these are mine…


I loovvve my scarves.  Mines not quite this colour anymore though :S too many washes and not enough colour catchers i do believe!!


I love black beads!!! unfortunately primark plastic is all i can afford right now but  Whitby Jet beads would be nice one day, hehe!



The colour of your nails reflects your personality as far as im concerned, so the more colourful the better!!!!!!


Marwell Meerkat…what can I say….Simples!



If you could see me now, by Cecilia Ahern…my favourite book EVER. I have read it 5 times and i love it so much…I wish they would make this into a film, P.S I love you was an easy option…this would be amazing!!!

Whats happening today then??…

Hello! Ive just been browsing through randomers blogs and i found this fab photograph!! i cant stop staring at it…

Its by a photographer called Mallory Johnston…. http://malloryjohnston.wordpress.com/



I have decided this week that i MUST start playing my guitar again and learning some new stuff.. ‘Hero’ By Enrique is getting a little bit boring!!! Ive been playing it for way too long! Im stuck on ‘Dear mr President’ by Pink at the mo, its a fab song to play and quite easy to sing along to…always helps!



FMP…Is going alright. Got lots to do but i think its possible..we will soon find out! I have such a big list for monday i will be needing a nice refreshin pint by the time i leave i think!!! I will put some pics up of what i have done over easter next week because for some unknown reason my laptop and camera dont get on so i have to use the uni computers to download things!!!